Spencer Gordon

SOur front desk extraordinaire Spencer comes from a background in acting and film production. After attending film school here in Vancouver, and acting school in New York City, she just found the culture of the film industry to be too… icky for her. Having been a client at Artel for several years, the transition to employee was seamless, and a much better culture fit for our smiling face at the front desk.  

When she’s not stationed at the front desk, you can find Spencer around the salon, creating content for the Artel TikTok page.  She loves all things content creation and even streams live on Twitch, playing video games and doing tarot card readings for her viewers.  And if you really want to get her talking, just ask her anything about her cat, Mango. 

Spencer loves bright, vivid hair, and while she doesn’t have any plans on becoming a hairstylist (yet…) she loves seeing clients leaving the salon looking and feeling their best with a brand new colour or cut.  She loves chatting about all the different retail products, and is more than happy to help you find whatever you may be looking for.  Stop in and say hi, and don’t forget to follow @artelsalon on TikTok!