Shay Alexander

Shay grew up around artists, and being exposed to different mediums at an early age really shaped who she is today. It didn’t take long for her to realize that hair was her art & passion. Nothing makes her as happy & fulfilled as standing behind the chair, chatting and playing with beautiful locks of hair.

Communication with clients is important to Shay, and she believes formulating your thoughts & ideas with her knowledge & experience is key to an exceptional end result! She practices strongly by the fact that your hair is about you, not her.

Continuous education & growth is extremely important to Shay, and something she continues to do on a regular basis. She loves all kinds of hair – men, women, short, long, curly, straight, funky or professional, you name it and she’ll rock it! Colour, fashion, and her love for people fuels Shay’s creativity, passion and love for her job of being a stylist at Artel Salon.

To book an appointment with Shay email her at

Hair Services
Haircuts : $65+
Regrowth Touch Up : $90+
Full Colour : $120+
Fashion Colour : $150+
Balayage/Ombre : $250+
Highlights : $200+
Toner : $50+
Wash & Style : $50
Full Bleach Out/ Colour Corrections : $350+
Bleach Retouch : $150+
Extension Application/Removal : $100+

** First time extension clients must come in for a consultation beforehand & put down a deposit **

Prices do not include tax or gratuity.

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