Sage Hubbard

When Sage is behind the chair, it never feels like “work,” because it’s her happy place. This young stylist enjoys contributing to people’s self confidence through fresh healthy hair because it allows people to feel like an elevated version of themselves.

Sage’s favourite thing to do behind the chair is seamless balayage and colour transformations. With her creativity, she enjoys vivid pops of colour and layered cuts. Sage has all your long locks covered but can also whip out a barber cut and enjoys cute bobs.

When Sage isn’t behind the chair, you can often find her on trails or at the beach chasing sunsets with her dog Millie. She also loves traveling and exploring new places. In her down time, Sage frequents the movie theatre, appreciates a good book and is a big-time foodie. Sage’s version of self care is working out. Her go-to favourite drink is a smoothie.

If you have some things in common with Sage or just want to hangout with her and make some hair magic, then book in with this talented new HQ member. Check out her Instagram @sage.yourhairgirl. During your second appointment, don’t be surprised if Sage remembers a lot about you. She always wants to make everyone feel heard and get to know you!



Hair services starting at

Barber Haircut: $65
Short Haircut: $75
Long Haircut: $85
Extra Long/Thick Haircut: $90
Wash & Blowdry: $65
Root Colour & Style: $140
All Other Colour Services: $75/hour
*All colour services will have an additional charge for the amount of product used

Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Prices subject to change.