M MacKenzie-Cooper

With 11 years of experience in the Industry, M excels as a precision cutting specialist. M loves building strong silhouettes and shapes that fall effortlessly as they become lived. With 6 years of experience teaching advanced barbering education, they have a very meticulous eye and are very detail oriented.

These qualities equally apply to they way M approaches color. M specializes in natural hair color looks with sometimes bold placements to showcase structure of haircuts.

As a noise artist/musician and photographer/model, M derives inspiration from textural movement of sound and structured composition of photography.

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Hair services starting at

Barber Haircut: $65
Short Haircut: $75
Long Haircut: $85
Extra Long/Thick Haircut: $90
Wash & Blowdry: $65
Root Colour: $140
All Other Colour Services: $65/hour
*All colour services will have an additional charge for the amount of product used

Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Prices subject to change.