Eliza Trendiak

Eliza Trendiak’s fascination with entrepreneurship started at a very early age. It is a running family joke that she came out of the womb looking to make a dollar. Her first business venture was selling her 3 year old sister ballet dance lessons for a penny. Eliza had no dance training……

Fast forward to 2015 and Eliza, along with her husband, Rob, fulfilled her dream of opening her very own salon.  Artel Salon was created with her own personal values in mind.  As a creative who values authenticity, genuine connection and a growth mindset, Eliza wanted to create a space that was just as much for her stylist’s wellbeing as for clients.  Within a few years she was able to grow this vision into three locations within Vancouver.

She is passionate about business, the success of her stylists, and challenging the status quo within the hair industry.  She believes that salons do NOT have to be filled with gossip and drama but can be a place of genuine support, teamwork, and growth.  In 2019, Eliza led her team to a Salon Today Top 200 victory placing in 3 categories including Leadership, Growth, and Technology.  She is continuously looking for ways to better herself and continue shaping the culture of the Artel brand.

Outside of her salons, you will find Eliza “squeezing all the juice” out of life she can. Eliza is fiercely passionate about coffee….(do not offer this woman a Starbucks).  She loves baking, gardening, playing softball, and regularly beating Rob in Scrabble.  And if you know Eliza, you will know her beloved dog, Bud, who is often seen moseying along in her many adventures.