Amanda Gilkes

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with your hair and need a big change or just like to maintain what works for you, Amanda welcomes you. With 12 years of experience behind the chair, this displaced Albertan has an everburning passion for the hair industry that is reflected in every strand of hair that she touches.
Clients and coworkers alike affectionately refer to her as “The Wiz”, partly for her ability to make hair magic happen with very little guidance, but also because she wishes she had a long, flowing beard to stroke while formulating colours. Like every good wizard, Amanda knows her pursuit of knowledge is never complete; that’s why she continuously takes classes in all fields of colour and cuts and keeps her hair mind as sharp as her scissors. She is a true nerd for the hair industry and could talk about colour theory all day. 
Whatever you envision for your tresses, Amanda aims to bring your vision to fruition. From soft, subtle highlights to bright, neon colours, she loves to make your hair dreams come true, no matter how buckmild or buckwild! She also puts emphasis on working with your natural texture for all cuts, leaving you with a new do that is wearable and manageable at home even as it grows out. 

Like all good aquarians, Amanda is eccentric and bubbly. As a queer stylist, she also ensures that her chair is an inclusive one; she welcomes good people of all kind with no descrimination and prices her services based on time, not gender. 

You can book with Amanda by text/phone at 236-862-2478, by email at amandaVShair@gmail.com or by online booking by clicking the button below.

Haircuts: $80/hr

Color: All colour services are charged an hourly rate + product cost.
Single Process Colour: $80/hr

Double Process Colour:$110/hr
Corrective Colour: $150/hr

Texture: All new texture services require an in-person consultation before booking.
Perm/Body Wave: $90/hr

Extensions: All new extension clients require an in-person consultation before booking.
Extension Installation: $80/hr plus cost of hair