Changing the colour of your hair for the season, an event, or just because, is so much fun and is sometimes addictive. However, when making drastic changes to the colour of your hair, there are some realistic expectations to keep in mind. This week we are getting real when it comes to hair colour with the help of Artel stylist Jordan Hollas. In other words, What to expect when you’re expecting…


Whether you are going platinum blonde or adding a few foils to your brunette mane, know that going more blonde isn’t always quick and easy. The type of hair you have, your hair colour history, your budget, and your commitment to maintenance are all important factors that will shape your hair lightening journey. Key things to remember are:

  • The courser and darker your hair is, the more resistant it will be through the lightening process. Don’t expect to go dark brunette to ice cool blonde in one shot. Brunettes tend to pull warmer shades and it may take a few appointments to reach the blonde of your dreams.
  • Previously coloured hair can be unpredictable when bleached and may affect the tonality of the blonde. Be sure to share all the details of your hair history with your hairstylist so they can use the right products and suggest a game plan that will get you to where you want to be.
  • Going blonde can take time and you may not get there in one appointment. We always recommend discussing your hair goals with your hairstylist in a consultation when making drastic colour changes.
  • Blonding can be an investment. Lightening services tend to be longer appointments which can cost more – but we promise good hair is always a good investment.
  • Your hairstylist has your hair’s best interest at heart. Translation: hair health comes first and can dictate the time it takes to reach your desired look.


Whether you’ve just started your journey into blonde-hood, or if you’re already there, it’s important to follow the steps below to keep your colour looking fresh.
  • Schedule appointments every 6 to 10 weeks to keep your lightened locks looking fabulous. Keep in mind, foil highlights tend to need more frequent upkeep than a balayage.
  • Ensure you use a professional grade, colour safe shampoo. Like Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel.
  • Use a heat protector as lightened hair is more delicate than natural hair when using tools. Some of our favourites are Kevin Murpy’s UNTANGLED, SMOOTH.AGAIN & YOUNG.AGAIN.
  • Consider adding treatments to your services to maintain the health of your hair.
  • Trim frequently to avoid dead ends! Adding a cut to your colour service is always recommended.



We are all about the unicorn and mermaid hair at Artel Salon. This is what you need to know when you want to get crazy with your colour.

  • Your hair will need to be lightened significantly to maintain pastel or vivid colours.
  • Pastels fade in approximately 5-15 washes.
  • Vivids have a longer lifespan, but will fade over time.
  • Be prepared to shampoo less in order to maintain your colour. We recommend a dry shampoo, like Kevin Murphy’s DOO.OVER.

To book in with Jordan to get your dream hair colour, call 604-558-3118 or book online. Check out his instagram: @jordanhollashair.

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