Vancouver Hair Salon That Cares About The Environment

Vancouver Hair Salon That Cares About The Environment

We at Artel Salon want to be known as a Vancouver hair salon that cares about the environment. In fact, environmental sustainability is one of our core values! The hair salon industry and the beauty industry can be very harmful to the environment and we want to make sure we are doing everything in our power to make Artel Salon a green salon.

The first way we ensure we take care of our waste and environmental footprint is, we are a member of Green Circle Salons. Green Circle Salons is a recycling initiative that recycles chemicals, tubes of hair colour, used foils, and even hair. Yes, you heard us right, we recycle the hair that we cut from your haircut. Until Green Circle Salons, these items were previously unrecyclable. With the help of Green Circle Salons, we now recycle 95% of our waste.

The number one surprise to our salon clients is that we recycle our client’s hair. Did you know hair naturally soaks up oil? With the help of Green Circle Salons, the hair we recycle is used to create oil booms to soak up oil in an oil spill. A completely natural way to stop an environmental disaster. So one way you could help the environment is come to get your hair cut at Artel Salon.


Another way we choose to positively give back to the environment is by selling Kevin Murphy. A hair care product line that is sustainable, vegan, and bottled with ocean waste plastic.

Kevin Murphy is the first beauty brand to offer to package made with 100% ocean waste plastic. This is huge! 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each and every single year. As Vancouverites, we know first hand how important it is to keep our oceans clean and buying products mindfully like Kevin Murphy is the first step. Make sure you are buying products that make the world a more sustainable place. Another fun fact about Kevin Murphy’s product packaging is its shape. You will notice all the shampoo packages are square. This is done with mindfulness and purpose. The square shape of the container allows more products to fit in one shipment, resulting in fewer cardboard boxes used to ship their shampoo and fewer trucks on the road.

Kevin Murphy’s product line and ocean plastics is just one of the many many ways Kevin Murphy is the most sustainable beauty product line around.


Finally today I want to highlight the Ecoheads (owned by Kevin Murphy). These are an in-salon upgrade to the hair sinks. Ecoheads are designed to use 65% less water while creating an amazing hair washing experience for our clients. Did you know the average salon sink uses 150 gallons of water per day? So multiply the number of sinks a salon has by 150 gallons of water….. That is a big scary number. So by reducing our water usage by 65% is a huge deal. Not only does it physically reduce the amount of water we use, but it also results in our hot water tank using less electricity. Next time you are getting your hair washed at Artel Salon, take note of our Ecoheads!

These are just a few highlighted areas that this Vancouver hair salon is making a big difference. If making environmentally sustainable choices is important to you, maybe you want to check out Artel Salon for your next hair appointment!

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