Artel Salon Is Looking For Vancouver’s Extraordinary Hairstylists

Artel Salon Is Looking For Vancouver’s Extraordinary Hairstylists


You heard it here first! Artel Salon is hiring one talented, passionate, and growth-minded hairstylist.  Artel Salon has created a reputation in Vancouver for a work environment that helps hairstylists reach their full potential. Eliza Trendiak, owner of Artel is fiercely passionate about creating a work environment that is built on authenticity and respect for all team members. In fact, in 2019, Eliza won an award for one of North America’s best leaders for the entire salon industry in the Salon Today 200 Awards.  The leadership team at Artel believes that when employees feel valued, heard, and respected they are more likely to feel happy and fulfilled in their career.  Naturally, this trickles down to our clients having a wonderful experience too!  It’s as simple as that.

What Are Our Values?

Artel Salon’s values can be easily remembered and found right in the name.

A is for Authentic – A safe place to be yourself – open communication – constructive criticism

R is for Results – Goal setting for both your career & life – tracking results – trusting the process – celebrating achievements

T is for Talented – Being passionate about what you do – continually striving to better yourself through education and collaboration

E is for Entrepreneurial Spirit – Taking initiative – passionate projects – sharing ideas of how Artel can grow – trying new things – a sense of ownership

L is for Love – You are seen – you are heard – and your opinion matters – we want the best for you both in work and in life

What We Offer!

Before anything else, values come first. Without clear, shared values, we wander independently and contradict one another. Everything is harder when we all believe different things about what’s important to us, our company. Creating a work environment that everybody wants to come to and feel respect is our number one goal but we offer much more than just respect and a place of work that you actually want to show up. We offer competitive compensation, flexible hours, regular education, professional headshots, health benefits, team incentives, business coaching, we regularly have the salon professionally cleaned, COVID compliances, positive affirmation, and much more.


So Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for hairstylists in Vancouver with 2 or more years of experience. Somebody with a growth mindset and who is a genuine team player. You need to be professional, reliable, and humble. If this sounds like you and you are looking for your long-term salon family, we invite you to submit your application. Subsequently, if you know this person, please share this blog post with them!


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