11 Reasons To Book Your Next Hair Appointment With Artel Salon

11 Reasons To Book Your Next Hair Appointment With Artel Salon

11 Reasons to Book Your Next Hair Appointment at Artel Salon!

1 – End 2020 on a high note. Go into 2021 feeling fresh!

Let’s be real. 2020 has been a very hard year for most and we can end 2020 on a low note. Or….. We can do everything in our power to end on a high note. Getting your hair done before the year ends just may brighten your memories of 2020 just a little. If you are anything like us, right now, every little bit helps. We have also been finding that the little things are so much more impactful in 2020. Our brain receptors that register joy are so depleted after 2020, that little things register as triumphant victories in our brain! (even though that sounds scientifically accurate…..We just made it up. haha.) But, whatever works to bring a little joy into your life in 2020. May it be a Scalp Scrub with Kevin Murphy’s Saclp.Scrub for a spa-like experience, or a full hair transformation, Booking your next hair appointment with Artel Salon will help brighten your 2020.

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2 – As COVID has cancelled all Christmas events, think about how amazing it will feel to get your hair done. You don’t need an event to get glammed up!

Why do you need a Christmas Party to get your hair done? You can look flawless just for you, your significant other or your dog. You don’t even need a reason. Just get your hair done all fancy just because!

3 – You need to just get out of the house! Your mental health requires it.

Who can relate to this??? We are all starting to go a little bit crazy. The simple act of getting out of the house can make a world of difference. So book your next hair appointment to simply get out of the house. It will feel so refreshing to switch up the monotony of daily life living in a global pandemic!

4 – We at Artel Salon take every precaution against COVID and you can be confident to have a safe experience

In order to reopen in June 2020 after the COVID lockdown, we had to meet the government’s strict health and safety regulations. We spent over $12,000 on installing plexiglass, gone through 160 litres of hand sanitizer, scheduled stylists in shifts to minimize interactions with employees not in their bubbles, limit the number of bookings to minimize the number of people in the hair salon at any given time, and added more space between clients in order to fully sanitize everything in between clients.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said it herself, “Hair salons are doing a great job.” We are doing a great job because we need to stay open to support our staff, and we know how important hair maintenance is. Not only for looks, but mental health too. We are putting our FULL effort into making Artel Salon a safe place to visit for EVERYBODY!

5 – You survived 2020. Treat Yourself!

Reward yourself. You have survived one of the hardest years in recent history and you deserve to treat yourself! Look at it this way, you know when you (in the past) would get on an airplane, during the in-flight safety message, the flight attendant would say “in the event of low cabin pressure, masks will fall from the cabin and you need to HELP YOURSELF BEFORE YOU HELP OTHERS”. Remember that? The same thing applies here. If you treat yourself, fill your own tank up a little bit or toss yourself a bone, you will have more to give to the rest of the world.

6 – Your hair still needs to be on point for zoom meetings!

Just because we are not meeting in person, does not give us the opportunity to be anything less than showstopping. Look the best on the zoom meeting, show everybody else how it’s done! We are willing to bet that if you show up ready to rock that zoom meeting and your hair looks fly, you and everybody else will have a better meeting. Having fresh hair will make you feel great, resulting in your energy being the catalyst for a better experience for everybody! And think about who everybody will have top of mind if you look best in the zoom room?

7 – Supporting local business.

Did we mention it’s been a hard year yet??? Not just for us, but for all small businesses and service providers. Many salons and other businesses have been forced to close their door permanently because of COVID. If you have it within your means, try your best to support local businesses and service providers. Not just us. Local restaurants, product makers, artists and service providers. Right now every little bit helps, and supporting local businesses can be your way of helping out this Christmas!

8 – Supporting the local economy.

Similar to supporting local businesses, the local economy as a who has suffered in 2020. Typically December is a big month for a boost in the economy. It is a trickle-down effect, the more people are putting into the economy, the more people are seeing rewards from the economy and that results in a revolving door of people putting more back into the economy. So again, if it is within your means, treat yourself by booking a hair appointment or supporting your favourite local businesses.

9 – Getting your hair done is a major confidence booster!

Everybody knows how great you feel after a hair appointment. When your hair is on point you stand up taller, walk with swagger and whip your hair back and forth as if you’re auditioning for a Beyonce music video. We could all just stay home slumped on the couch eating potato chips (maybe that’s just me) or you can have something to look forward to like getting your hair done!

10 – Going to the salon is Fun!

We at Artel Salon have the best team of hairstylists in all of Vancouver. For real. We are not just saying that. At our last staff meeting, we had to address the amount of laughture coming out of the staff room. Why? Becasue Artel Salon has the best, most fun, loving group of hairstylists we could ever ask for. So come join in the fun!

11 – New hair new you!

New year? New hair. Going through a breakup? New Hair. New to parenthood? New hair. There is a pattern here. In major life events (like all the previously mentioned life events) people symbolically start fresh by a drastic hair transformation. So start off 2021 new. New You. New Hair. New Start. Let’s leave 2020 behind in the dust!


Book Your next appointment online http://artelsalon.com/

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